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July 18, 2022

Cyber Switching Is Ready With Commercial Car Charging Stations For Business

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Cyber Switching offers commercial car charging stations for business establishments. The company’s EVMC technology helps businesses provide a clean energy source to their employees and customers. As electric vehicles gain popularity, it’s important to understand their benefits. This article discusses the benefits of EVMC technology for businesses. Cyber Switching has been a leader in this space for years, and we’re glad to be part of the discussion.

EV Charging Solutions

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations need a centralized software management system to optimize the electrical service and avoid utility demand charges. It has now completed testing and development and is launching the initial phase of its EVMC rollout. Some companies are already planning to install it at their properties. For those who are considering a commercial EVMC for their property, here are some benefits.

Currently, cyberattacks on EV interconnections are a serious threat. By allowing secure communications, EV chargers can be protected from cyberattacks and financial fraud. Such a system can also reduce the cost of maintaining charging infrastructure. To ensure the security of commercial car charging stations, cyberattacks need to be avoided.

Cyber Switching Offers Commercial Car Charging Stations

Cyber Switching has developed a smart level-2 commercial EV charging station to solve the notorious bottlenecks in U.S. EV charging infrastructure. The company plans to expand its EV charging network to 500,000 EV charging stations nationwide. It’s also a sustainable solution for the scalability of electricity infrastructure.

The ClipperCreek EVMC allows up to eight EVSEs to share a single circuit, bypassing fully-charged cars and empty charging stations. The EVMC easily bolts onto an existing EVSE circuit, allowing for parking spot billing. Cyber Switching and ClipperCreek have teamed up to provide intelligent data and intelligence for these charging stations. Cyber Switching’s technology will support the clipperCreek EVMC by providing a complete suite of utilities with the necessary tools to monitor and manage their EVSEs.

Security concerns are paramount when developing electric vehicle charging infrastructure. These vulnerabilities can make charging stations vulnerable to cyberattacks and compromising their safety. Hackers can gain access to these chargers and use them to compromise home and business networks. To ensure the safety and security of charging stations, they should have robust public key infrastructure systems. PKIs are structures of trusted third parties, such as a certificate authority.

Cyber-threats are a growing concern, and the security of EV charging infrastructure must be a top priority. Even if a security breach does not result in data theft, it can lead to the disruption of the operation of the entire charging infrastructure, leaking sensitive information, or even holding the operator of the infrastructure to ransom. Consumer adoption of electric vehicle infrastructure will be dependent on the reliability and ease of use of the charging infrastructure, and it should be easy to implement.

Final Words

With a high-quality network, customers can be assured of reliability. A large number of charging networks have problems. A good solution for such issues is a vehicle-to-grid solution. Cars connected to the grid feed power back to the grid during peak demand periods. However, these solutions are costly, and the best solution is to have one that provides universal cords. It is a win-win solution for commercial car charging stations and their users.

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