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June 11, 2022

What Men Should Know About ED Pills: An Inside Look at How They Work

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects around 30 million men in the United States, and the condition has untold long-term consequences for those who experience it. Not only can romantic lives be affected, but the aftermath can cloud a man’s personal and professional life as well. ED pills can offer relief for both men and their romantic partners who have been affected by the condition.

How ED Works

ED essentially comes down to blood flow. If the blood can’t reach the penis or remain in the penis, then the body won’t be able to either get or maintain an erection. For this natural process to occur, there’s a host of chemical reactions in the body, and anything from stress to prescription medications can affect how those reactions occur.

For some men, the cause of their ED is obvious. For others, neither they nor their doctors can determine where it stems from. No matter how it takes place, though, there are steps that men can take to correct it. This could mean anything from cutting back on smoking to taking ED pills designed to help the condition.

How ED Pills Work

ED pills are designed to stimulate the nitric oxide that allows the blood to move and inhibit the enzymes that would otherwise block it. These pills, sometimes known commercially as Viagra and Cialis, are extremely common prescriptions, which makes sense given just how many men have this condition.

While few people like to think of their romantic lives boiled down as a chemistry assignment, these medications can be extremely important in getting men back to normal. They can be used occasionally (e.g., during a particularly stressful time) or on a more regular basis.

Can Consumers Order ED Pills Online?

Yes. With the rise of virtual medicine, it is possible to get medication through the mail after talking to a licensed medical professional. While every state has its own views on telemedicine, it’s becoming more and more accepted by the day.

BlueChew is a service that makes it possible to get either Tadalafil or Sildenafil, the active ingredients in Cialis and Viagra. The name is inspired by the chewable tablets that BlueChew ship to members on a monthly basis. Because some men would prefer not to have to swallow large pills on a regular basis, it’s just another benefit that has drawn so many men to trying the service.

Are There Any Other Solutions for ED?

Consumers can find several supplements on the market that claim to help with this medical condition. However, BlueChew cautions everyone to ensure they know what they’re ordering. With Tadalafil and Sildenafil, there’s a large, established body of research that reveals not only its benefits but also its drawbacks.

While very rare, there are serious reactions that can happen to men while on medications like Tadalafil and Sildenafil. Being able to tell a doctor what they have taken (including the dose) can help them make smarter decisions. Without knowing what they have taken, licensed medical professionals won’t know how to treat side effects correctly.

Why Do People Choose BlueChew?

There are several reasons why someone would want a monthly prescription for chewable ED tablets, but it usually boils down to just how seamless the company makes it. The whole point is to spare people the awkward conversations they might have at the doctor, or from seeing the same pharmacist every month or two.

These tablets are made in the US, where men can be assured of strict oversight on production. They’re only prescribed by a licensed medical professional who will evaluate everything from personal preferences to family medical history before approving. This kind of attention to detail is what helps people protect themselves from adverse reactions, no matter what their health looks like at the time of the session. BlueChew helps people find the right type of tablet, the right dosage, and the right plan. It all adds up to more confidence both in the bedroom and out!

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