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October 30, 2023

How Rich is Retired Football Player Sergio Carrallo?

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Sergio Carrallo is a retired football player who made his money through investments in real estate and technology startups. He also has a wealth management company. He and his wife, Caroline Stanbury, are both known for their reality show appearances.

He has many fans from all over the world. He was born in Madrid, Spain on September 28, 1994. His father ran a business in California, so he spent a lot of time learning English there.

He is married to Caroline Stanbury

Sergio Carrallo and Caroline Stanbury are a couple who’s settling into married life. The Real Housewives of Dubai stars have been dating since July 2020 and got engaged in January 2021 before getting married in December of that year. Despite their love, they faced challenges due to their nearly 20-year age gap. Caroline revealed in a recent episode that Sergio’s parents didn’t approve of their relationship because of the age difference.

Although their marriage is fairly new, the two seem to be very happy together. The pair has been showing their love for one another by sharing sweet Instagram photos filled with PDA.

The duo met in Newport Beach, California when Caroline was promoting her podcast. After their meeting, Sergio asked Caroline out and they started dating. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree and has certificates in digital marketing, media, and global communications. He has also a master’s degree in wealth management. He is currently working on his business ventures.

He is an entrepreneur

Sergio Carrallo has made a fortune through smart investments in real estate and technology startups. He has also made lucrative investments in the finance industry. His ability to spot potential winners has boosted his net worth immensely. Moreover, his dedication to giving back has helped him gain a reputation as a philanthropist.

He is passionate about digital marketing, media, and international communications. He has certificates in these fields from the University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education’s Accelerated Certificate Programs and a Master’s degree. He is presently the proprietor of a wealth management company.

He recently married Caroline Stanbury, who stars in Bravo’s reality series The Real Housewives of Dubai. He proposed to Caroline in Nepal, where they were celebrating the New Year. They later got married in Mauritius before returning to Dubai for their “real wedding.” The couple’s love story is an inspiration for many couples. They have a huge social media following and are a source of entertainment for their fans.

He is a reality television star

After he retired from professional football, Sergio Carrallo decided to take up different interests. He moved to California and started a financial management business. He has also appeared in the podcast show Divorced Not Dead. He and his wife Caroline also run a YouTube channel called SC & Family. He also starred in the television reality show The Real Housewives of Dubai in 2022.

He was born in Madrid, Spain on 28 September 1994. He graduated from the University of California with a graduate degree in media, global communications, and digital marketing. He interned at California Coast Yachts before he began working for his current company. He is now married to Caroline Stanbury, a star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dubai. He proposed to her in January 2021 while they were on a trip to Nepal. The couple shared all the details of their special day on their Instagram accounts. They are now living happily with their three children.

He is a sports fan

Sergio Carrallo is an avid sports fan and has a net worth of over $5 million. He has played professional soccer for Real Madrid and also appeared in a few games for the New York Cosmos. He has a variety of successful business enterprises and is also a part-time television star.

He is married to Caroline Stanbury, who stars in The Real Housewives of Dubai. He proposed to her in January 2021 during a trip to Nepal, where he was celebrating the New Year. The couple then got legally married in Mauritius before their real wedding in Dubai.

Although he has an impressive resume, he decided to take a break from football and focus on his business career. He has made a lot of money working for Nike, Instagram, and California Coast Yachts. He has also invested in a number of startups, which have proven to be lucrative. He is also an active supporter of various charities and organizations.

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