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October 30, 2023

Stormi Steele Net Worth – How Rich is Canvas Beauty’s CEO?

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Stormi Steele is an entrepreneur who has built a multi-million dollar business. She has invested in several projects involving real estate. She also earns extra income as a television personality.

The Love and Marriage Huntsville cast member is the CEO of Canvas Beauty Brand, a hair care company that revolutionized the industry with its potent hair growth serum. Her smart diversified investments and strategic business decisions contribute to her robust net worth.

Stormi Steele Net Worth

Stormi Steele, the popular American beauty expert and salon owner, is a household name. She is the founder and CEO of Canvas Beauty Brand, a company that has changed the narrative on hair growth and texture. The self-made entrepreneur has amassed a net worth of $20 million.

Steele’s journey into entrepreneurship began in the 2000s when she studied art at Mississippi State University. But she dropped out due to academic stress and jumped into the world of cosmetology.

With only $800 in her pocket, she moved to Huntsville and started working at a local salon under a master stylist, earning credit hours for her license. She then began concocting her own products in the kitchen and her efforts paid off. The company has grown and booked nearly $20 million in sales. Steele credits her success to her use of paid social media advertising. Stormi’s husband Courtney, also a businessman, has boosted her career by supporting her endeavors. The pair welcomed their first child in 2021.

Stormi Steele Age

Stormi Steele is an American entrepreneur, salon owner, and hairstylist. She has built a multimillion-dollar beauty empire as founder and CEO of Canvas Beauty brand. According to Business Insider, her business made close to $20 million in sales last year.

Steele is a self-made woman with a strong will to see her dreams come to fruition. She started out as a stylist, but soon saw 6-figure profits and built a loyal client base.

She also established a lifestyle and beauty YouTube channel, which helped her earn substantial income from ad revenue and brand endorsements. She has also built a successful clothing line, which has expanded her income streams.

Moreover, Steele is dedicated to her family as she often shares glimpses of her life with her husband Courtney on Instagram. The couple has a child together, who is the pride and joy of her life. Her family support is what has kept her going in tough times.

Stormi Steele Height

Stormi Steele is a beauty entrepreneur and reality TV star. She created a natural hair care brand called Canvas Beauty, which went viral with its Hair Blossom Serum that promotes hair growth. She also appears on the popular show Love and Marriage: Huntsville.

Steele’s success in the hair industry has contributed significantly to her net worth. Her business strategy is to diversify her investments and build a strong foundation for her company. She has been able to do this by expanding her company with new products and partnerships.

The reality TV star has a loyal following on social media, where she regularly shares her personal and professional life. She is a wife and mother of one son. She and her husband, Courtney Beasley, are both entrepreneurs and founders of the natural hair product company Canvas Beauty Brand. Together, they have built a multimillion-dollar business. The couple lives in a luxurious house with their son. They frequently share glimpses of their lifestyle on Instagram.

Stormi Steele Bio

Stormi Steele is a successful businesswoman and beauty professional who has achieved significant success with her Canvas Beauty Brand. She also engages in various other business ventures, including collaborations and content creation. She has a huge social media following, which contributes to her overall income and net worth.

Stormy started her career as a hair stylist and discovered a unique hair growth concoction made from common household ingredients. The product was a huge hit and sparked a shift in the beauty industry.

The company grew rapidly, and she made the decision to expand her reach and offer her products online. This strategy significantly increased sales and revenue for her business.

She has appeared on the reality show Love and Marriage: Huntsville as Melody’s friend in season 4. Her dedication to her business is matched only by that of her husband, Courtney Beasley, who is an entrepreneur and founder of natural hair care company Canvas Beauty Brand.

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